PBS (I’m the kind of nerd who follows PBS on Facebook) is having this online film festival, an the theme right now is “Girl Power.” Watch this here – it’s 12 minutes of your life you’ll have spent well:

What I love about this short film is that it puts body image into the context of a loving relationship, where two different points of view are represented: the clinical, medical side, where the culture is about One Ideal Form, usually based in health, but crucially NOT ALWAYS based in health, and the artistic, aesthetic side, that celebrates jolie laid or wabi sabi, the idea that beauty lies not in conformation to a perfect standard, like a show dog, but in authentic expression of an individual, necessarily and beautifully different from everything and everyone else.

Or maybe I just like the pictures and the music.

Either way, it’s a compelling story about figuring out the complexities of bodies and what it means to be “perfect” or “flawed.”


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