Interviews About How to Manage Stress- Emma Doeblin

Emma Doeblin Class of 2016 Lamont House

Crew, STRIDE scholar


H: What are your academic interests?

E: I am really enjoying anthropology, Italian, and history.


H: What is your hardest class?

E: Reacting to the Past, a First Year Seminar that requires a lot of research.


H: Which of your activities causes you the most stress?

E: My STRIDE scholarship gives me stress because my advisor requires a lot of research and I want to make sure that I am getting enough information that is relevant. 


H: What are some techniques you use or things that you do to help with stress?

E: I try to get more sleep. I know that’s really sort of cliché but I know that the more sleep that I get, I am just more calm and better able to handle things.  Taking a nap if I can fit one in and exercise really helps me because it gets rid of some of that high- strung stress (high heart rate, pent up energy, every thing is ahhhh!!). 


H: What is your go-to form of exercise besides crew?

E: I really like weightlifting circuits because it keeps your mind occupied.  When you’re on a treadmill things get boring but during a circuit you are working your whole body and doing different movements. It makes exercising seems more productive and interesting. 


H: How does crew help with stress?

E: The exercise is obviously an important factor in that. But also the community because I am very much a person that feels that spending time with people I enjoy being around is a great way to detox and de-stress. When you’re with a good group of people that makes you happier.  Rowing is also something I am passionate about. When rowing feels good, it is one of the best feelings. 


H: What was your most stressful experience this semester and how did you deal with it?

E: There was a day earlier this week where I had a mid-term, a lot of research for a professor, and I had two crew practices like I had had every day that week. I was exhausted and hadn’t gotten any sleep really and I had a lot of work to do. I was just very stressed out.  I took it one step at a time, thinking right now I have this practice, and then I am going to do this research. Step-by-step, if I focus on the immediate thing, everything else doesn’t matter. Image


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