Interviews about Relationships- Becca Wolfe

Becca Wolfe Lamont House Class of 2015


H: How would you describe your relationship?

B: I would describe it as very chill.  Neither of us are very drama driven people. I don’t consider myself a drama person and he is less so. We are both very calm when we talk things out and that makes it a ton easier than other relationships I have seen. We’re also silly.

H: How long have you guys been together?

B: We have been together for almost three years.

H: What are the good things about being in a long distance relationship?

B: You don’t have the time restraints. You have all the time to study and have a social life apart from that relationship and you don’t necessarily feel the need to be in constant contact.

H: How often do you guys talk?

B: There are different mediums for talking. We Skype for a little less than once a week for at least an hour. We usually have some kind of contact once a day on Facebook or text and it’s more of a, “Hey how was your day?”  As we have been apart for longer and have gotten more comfortable with that, the contact has gotten less.

H: What are the not-so-good things about being in a long distance relationship?

B: I would say one way to think about it is a relationship but without most of the benefits. You still have to put in the effort but you don’t get the warm and fuzzies and physical contact until you go back for break and then it’s awesome. 

H: Do you have any advice for Smithies getting accustomed to a long distance relationship?

B: Relationships are all very different but I would say that less is more. Allow yourself to be separate enough that you can have your own lives and don’t worry about having to know every detail of what the other person is doing.  


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