Interviews About How to Manage Stress- Amelia Burke

Amelia Burke Talbot House Class of 2015




Academic Interests:

Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic, History, Environmental Science, Music.

H: What is your favorite class that you are taking this semester?

A: Writing Essays New Yorker Style


Treasurer for Smith Students for Justice in Palestine, House Community Advisor in Talbot, member of Smith STAND.

H: What stresses you out?

A: When the people I depend on like professors are disorganized or unclear or when people say that one time is good and then they don’t show last minute.  Not sleeping also stresses me.

H: How do you deal with your stress?

A: Sleep, exercise, I wash my feet sometimes- it’s very comforting. Your feet put up with so much shit everyday- I give them a little massage. Sometimes I have dance parties in my room in my underwear with the lights off or just go for a long walk.

H: Has the way you handle stress changed at all since coming to college?

A: Yeah, I think so because in college you are always surrounded by people.  I have had to learn to be social when I am stressed, especially as HCA. I can be stressing about something and if someone comes to my room with a problem I have to put it off and help with their problem, which is fine most of the time. I used to just shut myself in my room and not interact with people, but you can’t really do that here.


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