Interviews about Relationships- Anonymous

Define what you consider a Smith hookup.

Sleeping with a Smithie one or more times without having any commitment to them or defining the relationship.

What are the good things about Smith hookups?
They are fun.  Plentiful.  No strings attached.  Practical, like close distance wise. You don’t have to travel; the furthest walk is like, to the Quad.  People like to talk about their feelings so it is easy to communicate.  Usually I am just friends with them afterwards and things aren’t awkward. And then you have a more intimate friendship.  That’s only usually.

What are the not-so-good things about Smith hookups?

Everyone knows everyone’s business.  People judge you for who you have hooked up with and make assumptions about you for it.  Some play it as a game “how many people can I hook up with?” If it’s awkward and you don’t talk to them afterwards you will see that person everywhere. Absolutely everywhere.  Smithies have a lot of feelings [makes crazy eyes].

What are some ways you can maximize the good things and minimize the not-so-good things?

Choosing who you hook up with wisely.  Not judging others or making assumptions about others based on what they do in bed and with whom they choose to do it with.  Having fun with it and not treating things like hookups too seriously.


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