srv: reporting and responding to violence

Smith College provides a wide range of resources to support students who experience SRV. We encourage our students to report all sexual harassment and sexual or relationship violence directly to the support team. All college employees who become aware of an incident of sexual misconduct will notify the appropriate college officials as identified below.

If you are in crisis, call the sexual assault hotline at Center for Women and Community (UMass, Amherst) 413 -545-0800 or  1-888-337-0800 or call Campus Police to take you to the emergency room (x800 or 413-585-2490).


 Campus Police

413-585-2490 or extension 800
Available 24 hours a day

LEGAL SUPPORT: Campus Police’s information on prosecuting: perpetrators of sexual violence: “Survivors are involved in all decisions about proceeding with criminal charges. If the survivor of a rape or sexual assault chooses to proceed in this manner, DPS will provide assistance and guidance and will serve as a liaison with the District Attorney’s Office. The survivor name in all reports of sexual assault is kept confidential, by Massachusetts law.”



Call 413-585-4940 or extension 4940 for the dean of students and student affairs; members of the staff are also available 24 hours a day through Campus Police. The Deans Offices can assist with:

  • Academic concerns
  • Changes in housing
  • Other accommodations and referrals

 ACADEMIC  and CO-CURRICULAR SUPPORT . Your class dean and the Dean of Students office  can assist in arranging accommodations for academic, residential,  and other domains of your life at Smith.


 Title IX Coordinator

Coordinates prompt and equitable responses to reports of sexual misconduct by eliminating the misconduct, preventing its occurrence and addressing the effects. Contact Larry Hunt at 413-585-2260 or extension 2260.


your privacy is a priority!

Smith will seek to maintain your privacy during the reporting process consistent with the college’s legal obligations and its commitment to providing an environment free from sexual and relationship violence.


Counseling Services

Counseling is free for all students, regardless of insurance. Call x2840 for appointments and services, or to talk to a counselor after hours (8pm-8am)

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT. Smith College Counseling Service, located in the Schacht Center for Health and Wellness, provides counseling for crisis and healing. Emotional support is a major part of the recovery process. Friends and family can contribute greatly to recovery, but sometimes an objective outsider can be an important support.


Health Services

All Health Services appointments are free, regardless of insurance plan. Open 8am-8pm MON-FRI.

To talk to a nurse during these hours, call x2813

To talk to a nurse after hours, call x1260

To make an appointment, call x2811

 MEDICAL SUPPORT. Medical evaluation is a valuable resource if a person is sexually assaulted. Smith students can go to Cooley Dickenson emergency room to be seen by a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, who will provide preventive treatment for STIs, treat for injuries and illness, and provide emergency contraception, as well as collect evidence in case you decide to prosecute. It is up to the survivor whether or not to seek medical evaluation.




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