The Wellness Education Office supports the mission of Smith College by integrating innovative wellness interventions into the academic, residential, and extracurricular realms of students’ lives. We interpret “life of distinction,” the life for which we are preparing students, as a life evolved through intentionality, respect for self and others, and service to the community and the world. The Office provides resources directly to students and to every office, department, and committee at Smith to maximize students’ access to the tools they will need to lead such a life.

Our blog is here to give comprehensive answers to questions students ask – questions about sleep, sex, stress, body image, relationships… ya know, life. Our answers rely on the best available science and use best practices strategies for college health education.

In other words, we’re here to help, and we’ll do it in the way we think is most likely to be effective.

Part of being effective means communicating in ways that students will actually pay attention to. Hence the blog.

But wait, there’s more!!

We tweet here.

We tumbl here.

Our Facebook is here

The Wellness Office’s webcomic (yeah, we have a student-run WEBCOMIC!) is here

And our good old fashioned website is here.


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