Rethinking Drinking – from the NIAAA. Includes drink size calculators, interactive worksheets, and lots and lots of accurate, helpful information.

College Drinking Prevention also from the NIAAA. If you want detailed information and resources, this is the place.

Booze News 2012-13 (PDF) – The popular and helpful collection of strategies for getting the good stuff and minimizing the not-so-good stuff

She’s Eating That (PDF) – The 8 page workbook that accompanied the October 2011 workshop by that title. Includes great information about media literacy, the origin of the thin ideal, and meta-emotions.

Health at Every Size (HAES)
Operation Beautiful
Eating for Life
The Body Project

IMAlive – an online crisis network

Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition Source – It can be tough finding scientifically accurate information about nutrition, and THIS is the best source we know of.

That’s Not Delicious – the Wellness Education Office’s student-run webcomic about relationships and communication, being a good friend, and surviving the college years with your brain, heart, and body intact.

Family Tree to Love Nest – an hour and a half on four kinds of emotional crap we inherit from our families of origin, and what to do about it.

That’s Not Delicious: the science of trust and betrayal – an hour and a half on the nature of trust in terms of game theory, and how to cultivate it in your relationships.

that’s not delicious – (PDF) downloadable slides from the 9/21/12 relationships talk “That’s Not Delicious: the science of trust and betrayal”

Want A’s? Get some Zzzzz’s! (PDF) – 8 page booklet about sleep. Super-awesome.

Stress Management (PDF) – 8 page booklet about the nature of stress and the most efficient ways to manage it.

MP3 meditations: these are meditations written and led by Jan Morris, AC:

  • Morning Start (mp3) – a guided meditation to wake up with (10min)
  • Before Sleep (mp3) – a guided meditation to fall asleep with (10min)
  • Quick Fix (mp3) – a guided meditation for those moments when you’re feeling out of whack (5min)
  • Stress Reliever (mp3) – a guided meditation for chilling out (16min)

Practical Mindfulness (PDF) – 8 page booklet, describing the fundamentals of mindfulness practice and simple, pragmatic ways to integrate it into your everyday life.

Wellness 101 – an 80 page collection of the various other booklets, plus several bonus sections! Be sure to print duplex (double sided).


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