wellness topics

The Wellness Topics here consist of a growing reference of information about many issues that impact college students. More information is posted regularly, so check back – and if there’s some specific information you’re looking for, send us an email or ask a question below!

Wellness doesn’t actually function in distinct “topics,” of course; they’re all inextricably interrelated. Your stress can affect your body image and your drinking, and vice versa, and every other combination of issues. What “wellness” boils down to is practicing adaptive strategies for managing negative affect. (“Negative affect” just means bad feelings – specifically stress, depression, anxiety, loneliness, and anger.) Being able to deal effectively with your emotions, without increasing your risk of unwanted consequences, is what wellness is all about.

Check out each topic to learn a little bit more about each of the specific issues that are common among college students:

Body Image
Help a Friend in Distress
Sexual Assault


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