body image

The Basics

    The “ideal” body type that modern American culture has taught you to want has no relationship at all with health. In fact, women who are just 5 pounds under their medically defined “ideal” weight have more health risk than women who are up to 75 pounds OVER that their medically defined “ideal” weight. In effect, that weight is your MINIMUM healthy weight.
    The correct way to measure your HEALTH is with your blood pressure and your resting heart rate (measured in the morning, before you even get out of bed). When you monitor these over time, you can get an accurate sense of the health of your cardiovascular system.
    Knowing this probably doesn’t make the self-critical voices in your head go away. Most women have a lot of noise in their brains around what their body looks like and the ways that they are inadequate. It takes time, practice, and patience to learn to recognize that voice for the liar and charlatan that it is and replace it with a healthy voice. You can make this process move faster if you:

    • Stop reading mainstream women’s magazines, which are designed to make you feel like shit – because people who feel like shit buy more shit, ya know?
    • Practice thought-stopping. When you notice yourself criticising how your own body or someone else’s body looks, stop yourself and replace that thought with something positive about what that body DOES.
    • Emphasize health. Eat whole foods (foods that look the way they looked when they were alive – plants, animals, etc), avoid processed foods (especially sugar), get some regular physical activity, and spend fun, joyful time with your friends.

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