The Basics
We get so many questions about sleep! Basically, the bare minimum is 4 hours consecutively. Most people need 6-7 to be MINIMALLY functional. But really? People around the 19-22 age range really need 8-10 hours to be functioning at their prime – the average is 9.25hours.

This varies from individual to individual of course, but just remember that there’s no such thing as sleeping too much. (exception: if you’re sleeping more than 9 hours every night and still don’t feel rested, that’s a sign that there’s something more complicated happening and you should talk to a doctor!) If your body doesn’t need to be sleeping, it will wake up on its own. If it doesn’t, that means you probably still have sleep debt.

If you are a natural napper, naps are a great way to get over sleep debt! Sleep cycles are usually 90 minutes, so if you nap, try to nap in hour and a half chunks. If you can’t fit in the full 90 minutes, then aim for something under 30 minutes. In between 30 and 90 minutes, you’re in deep sleep. If you wake up then, you’ll be groggy and still half-asleep.

Some people say that when they get a lot of sleep, they feel more tired and sleepy. This is because you’re finally rested enough to feel how tired you actually are! Before then, you were probably so pumped up with adrenaline that you couldn’t feel the signals your brain was sending you to “GO TO BED!”

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